EDP4130 – Technology Curriculum and Pedagogy

Another step closer to finishing my degree.  This time with the ever-so-lovely technology curriculum and pedagogy.  The aim of this assessment was to engage in an inquiry based pedagogy with the use of a WebQuest type investigation.  We were to investigate Coal Seam Gas as a technology for the future and what affects it has on various interested parties.  We were assigned a perspective which we were to research (I was given the Indigenous perspective) and how CSG affected them.  We were then asked to read and evaluate others roles (Farmers, business, government) and form an opinion of our own on the basis of each side of the coin. My opinion is summed up in this poster have created for my artefact.



Teaching with ICT – Harder than I expected

When planning for the use of ICTs to enhance and amplify learning for my prep/year 1 class,  I thought I had it in the bag. Unfortunately, I wasn’t anticipating how off task my little cherubs can get and the amount of time that can be wasted with simple tasks like moving to the carpet, or having their morning brain food snack.  These unplanned and unexpected breaks in academic learning time proved to be difficult to  make up and it was the ICT component of the lesson that suffered as the time it took to settle students and introduce the lesson, there was no time left to enhance what was being taught with the use of ICT’s.  It did however allow me to reflect on what I was doing wrong and give me some strategies to use for next time. Not all bad.  Learning from my mistakes is all part of the experience and will only make me a better teacher.

My Professional experience Week 1

I am more than happy with my placement for this course.  Not only have I been placed with one of my favourite age groups in Prep/yr 1, but my mentor is absolutely amazing.  She is calm, understanding, supportive and most of all approachable.  She allowed my first week to be filled with experiences which not only extended my teaching experience but also allowed me to become more confident and trusting in my own abilities.  She is very supportive and keeps reassuring me that I am here to learn and that even the best teachers make mistakes.  I feel extremely comfortable in my room and I am looking forward to the next few weeks


Get up and moving.

During my time on prac, I was placed in a Prep/Yr 1 classroom and found there not to be many opportunity for students to utilise ICT let alone have screen time where they are required to explore, investigate or simply satisfy their curiosities.  I did however witness the upper primary school teacher take her students out for some hand eye coordination and body movement exercises during the mornings.  She did this to engage a different part of the students brain in order to help them stay or regain focus on the task.  After reading a blog by Emma, It made me realise just how important this time is for young students as all they seem to do these days is sit and “explore” technology……..


The Purpose for ICT in the Classroom

Upon going through this weeks learning path, I came across Kristie’s blog and thought it very interesting.

I agree with much of what Kristie says in her post.  I believe that with technology ever changing, it is pointless to simply teach students how to use a device or program.  The focus of ICT in the classroom should be providing students with the tools to understand and appreciate what ICT are available to them for the intended purpose.

Providing students with technology in the classroom for a purpose, allows learners the opportunity to review, evaluate and appropriately select technologies that will contribute to their work as they progress.  The focus for ICT should be its use as a tool to support achievement rather than simply using it as a device to satisfy curriculum requirements.





Assignment 2

In traditional “Kylie” style I have changed my previous unit focus to a slightly different one.  After looking at possible unit ideas, I came across a few sites where children can investigate and identify the 5 food groups and design their own healthy eating plan.  My mind instantly exploded with ideas and for the first time since starting, I felt excited about where I can go with this.

So now my content descriptors are as follows.

Constructing Knowledge

Investigate the role of preventive health in promoting and maintaining health, safety and wellbeing for individuals and their communities (ACPPS058)


Transforming Knowledge

Plan and practise strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (ACPPS054)


I hope I have these correct.  Please let me know if I don’t.

Yay… another set closer.


Transformed and Constructing knowledge objectives

After reading a fellow students blog on her experiences with matching transforming and constructing knowledge objectives, I suddenly became courageous enough to take the quiz that I had been putting off, until that is, I had gone over the information for a fifth time.  Like Miss W, I was asking myself the question, “are student learning how to, or are they doing?”  To my surprise, I too got all questions correct!  It seems that with a little belief I am able to transform my own constructed knowledge correctly.  Now it is time to move on to figuring out where to find the criteria for my assignment.

Thank you Miss W for making me believe in myself and giving me hope 🙂


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